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Welcome to cyberlounge, its a user friendly free website. With cool site links, mp3's to download, application downloads, play online games right here, and post a comment or any shit you can think of, all right here.
Do note, foul language will be tollerated, keep it real!
Please note, on the left hand side off your screen you will see 6 links, each of them contains a new page from this site....
be curious, explore them all and enjoy yourslef. Grab a beer, a coffee, or a ciggy...sit back and explore the cyberlounge! 
FOR THE GUYS...on your left hand side, you will see a page link called" cars, speed and spec"...make sure to have a look.

Administrator - Leane van der Westhuizen

PS: please do remember, i dont make a cent out of this site, it took hours of work to create this site for IDIOTS like you. So do enjoy.

Explore the outside cyber world of the world wide web.

here is a couple of website links that i think would might come handy. bookmark each one.
from downloading wallpapers and mp3's, to chatting, or just browsing and surfing the web.

Enter, explore and enjoy cyberlounge!

 a little of everything, Sports, wallpapers, music, etc...

just for someone like you that loves the world of cyber

and just sitback, relax and enjoy our lounge!


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